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Kits are Ready!

What comes in the kit ???

Many of you have been waiting on our mail order kit to become available. Great News: They're here!

rder your patented Complete System kit today! The kits will come directly to your door, via UPS, ready to install. All the ingredients are numbered for trouble-free installation. There is also a short instructional video available that shows you how to install a kit and tips for making it grow quickly and become a protein-producing machine!

When the kit arrives, it will contain a pre-addressed postcard for obtaining plants free of charge. The plants will be shipped directly from the nursery when you are ready for them. So, even if you can’t get your system installed for a few days, you won’t have to worry about keeping plants alive. Install the system, water the system, and have the plants delivered later. You can then plant the young honeysuckle and you are ready to go!
Sorry, but we do not provide plants anymore.  Please check with your state laws on
using honeysuckle.

Make sure you order several kits. The kits are 10’ long. You can install them individually or hook two together. Each kit will need approx. six honeysuckle plants. 

You MUST cover the system with some sort of cage. We have experimented with several different options over the years. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. The best thing we can recommend is the cage that was designed by us exactly for these systems. Because of shipping weight, we cannot ship wire to you, but we can ship the frame which is the most important part. You can then buy 2 x 4 wire at most any hardware or farm store. These frames will come with instructions on how to cut the wire and assemble the entire cage.

We are truly excited about what this kit will do for your deer management goals. Order your today!

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