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System with Cage

What Is The
Complete System?

  • The ultimate nutritional system for providing all the protein and micronutrients a buck needs to grow big antlers and big healthy bodies.
  • Provides high protein during much of the year, and is at its best at the most crucial time — April through October — antler growing season.
  • A long term program that really works.

Leaf Comparison

How Does It Work?

  • The Complete System™ begins with a trench.
  • Within the trench a perfect soil environment is created using selected ingredients.
  • Honeysuckle is planted on the system.
  • The plants take up the nutrients supplied by the system and our micronutrient fertilizer, Super Juice™.
  • Maintenance of the system is provided by watering/feeding the system every 30-60 days, during the growing season, through a PVC feeding tube.
  • This allows the natural vegetation on the system to obtain the micronutrients and protein levels the deer needs to grow big antlers and big bodies.
  • Attracts deer like nothing else will
  • Increases average body weight and overall health of deer
  • Provides all the protein and micronutrients deer need to grow big bodies and big racks
  • Legal to hunt over in most states
  • Inexpensive, long-term program with real results

What Comes in the Kit?

  • Soil conditioners
  • Lime
  • Polymers
  • PVC feeding tube
  • Bacteria
  • Super Juice™ - micronutrient enhanced plant food
  • Patented underground irrigation system

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