Rack Buck Bits

Volume 1, Issue 1
January 1998


Welcome to the first issue of Rack Buck Bits! This newsletter is intended to keep you, our current or potential customer, informed of events and products from Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc.

It is our goal to let you know of new developments, shows we will be exhibiting at, and things you should look for both in the woods and on your systems.

Our Complete System™ will perform magnificently and provide the deer with the nutrients and micronutrients they need, IF the system is properly cared for and fed regularly. This newsletter should also serve as a little reminder of when it may be time to service your system.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first issue. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call. Don, Mike or Jeff will be glad to help you.

Video Footage

We are always looking for good still photos and video footage of deer (especially bucks) feeding on your systems. If you have any footage/photos that you think we might use, or questions please contact Mike at (217) 285-9700.

Jimmy Houston’s Sportsman’s Digest February 24, 1998 on ESPN2

Watch for us on Jimmy Houston’s Sportsman’s Digest, February 24, 1998 on ESPN2. Check your local listing for channels and times.

Jimmy, along with Mike and Jeff, will be installing a new system on Mr. Houston’s ranch in Oklahoma. The show was taped in August of last year. Jimmy will be taping several shows over the coming months showing the growth progression of the Complete System™.

"Growing trophy deer doesn’t happen overnight; however, with a little patience, we are sure you will be pleased with the success you will achieve from the Complete System.™"

Cyber Buck?

We always want to stay accessible to you. In an effort to add an additional form of communication, we have an Internet E-mail address.  You can reach us at RackBuck@yahoo.com.

Stay tuned, because in the coming months we will add information and pictures on our own home page as well.

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show

February 7 - 15, 1998

Look for us in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the World’s Largest Outdoor Show — the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. The show begins February 7 and runs through the 15th. We will be at Booth 3607.

The show is well worth the trip, but be sure to plan for more than one day, because you can’t see it all in one!

Stop by and see us. We would love to visit with you and answer any questions you may have.

Time to Plan for Complete Feeding Systems

The time is right to begin planning for a complete feeding strategy that will provide your deer with all the nutrients and micronutrients they need.

With Rack Buck Deer Management, you can achieve your trophy deer goals at a cost of a few dollars per acre. Our Complete System™ (patent pending) provides a method to insure that the natural vegetation is providing all the protein and micronutrients necessary to make the deer grow. This was accomplished through the development of Super Juice™, a micronutrient enriched formula that was selected and mixed to allow the natural vegetation to extract and store the nutrients that are needed to grow big bodies and antlers. By applying Super Juice™ directly to the plant, it causes it to grow at an accelerated rate, becoming a "Natural Attractant."

As you look at your current resources and examine your goals for trophy deer management, consider Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc. and our Complete System™.

Don’t wait! Give us a call today!

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The Complete System

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