Rack Buck Bits

Volume 3, Issue 3

July 2000


Welcome. I hope you are experiencing some great weather where you are. In the central Midwest, we are having a very nice summer so far, with regular rainfall for the most part. In the south, it has been bone dry. That’s when our systems really shine! They’ve got their own rainfall system!

You should really give our new mineral a try. It has impressed us and everyone that has tried it. Deer really tear it up and quickly too.

We recently received word that Dr. Kroll was in an accident. We don’t have many details as of yet, but keep watch at http://www.sfasu.edu/forestry/faculty/kroll/deer.html. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

We appreciate all the email we have been receiving. We are also thankful for all the kit orders we have gotten this spring.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call Don, Mike, Craig or myself. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jeff Griffeth

New Rack Buck Mineral

Most minerals on the market today are mixed primarily with ingredients to attract deer. That’s why we decided to create a mineral that still attracts, but more importantly, provides the deer with the minerals it needs to enhance antler and body growth.

Our mineral is formulated to supplement the diet.

Rack Buck Mineral has attractrants as well, but instead of being loaded down with unnecessary ingredients that don't benefit the deer's diet, it's packed with vitamins and minerals that deer need and crave! It’s formulated to promote and stimulate antler growth. Plus it attracts and holds deer to your area.

Our mineral is packaged in 5 and 10 lb. packages, with larger quantities available upon request. Prices are:

5 lb. — $4.95 (plus $6.95 S & H)

10 lb. — $9.95 (plus $7.95 S & H)

Order on-line or give us a call.

New Rack Buck Mineral

If you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area July 14-16, stop by the American Deer Hunters’ Association Show at the Birmingham Civic Center. We are in booth 79 near the entrance. We are looking forward to visiting with our current customers and having the opportunity to meet new ones. Craig and Mike will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Stop by and say hi. It should be a great show!

I purchased ten pounds of your Rack Buck minerals and placed it in a pit near some pelletized feed. The minerals were gone in 3 days! Very impressive! We need more — a lot more!

The Whitetail Insider

Looking for excellent information and the latest research on whitetails? Check out the Whitetail Insider at:


The site offers an annual subscription to 6 newsletters that contain information that has you watering at the mouth for more. It is absolutely the most informative site I have ever visited — honestly! The newsletter and site is put together by Dr. James C. Kroll. Arguably the best known and most knowledgeable whitetail authority in the world, Dr. Kroll has spent the last thirty years studying, managing and hunting these elusive creatures. That’s why he’s known as “Dr. Deer” throughout the world.

Order Complete System Kits

Ordering your patented Complete System kit couldn‘t be easier! We have many new ways to order and pay for everything you need. Our web page has been updated with more information on our kits and other products we currently offer. Please check it out at:


We offer several ways to order your kit: you can print out an order form and mail it to us with a check or money order or fax it to (217) 285-9700 with your credit card number, or simply order on-line. We offer secure ordering right on our web page using your Mastercard, VISA or Discover cards. Or, simply call us and we’d be happy to take your order.

The kits will come directly to your door, via UPS, ready to install. All the ingredients are numbered for trouble-free installation. There is also a short instructional video available that shows you how to install a kit and tips for making it grow quickly and become a protein-producing machine!

When the kit arrives, it will contain a pre-addressed postcard for obtaining plants free of charge. The plants will be shipped directly from the nursery when you are ready for them. So, even if you can’t get your system installed for a few days, you won’t have to worry about keeping plants alive. Install the system, water the system, and have the plants delivered later. You can then plant the young honeysuckle and you are ready to go!

Make sure you order several kits. The kits are 10’ long. You can install them individually or hook two together. Each kit will include the postcard that will get you six honeysuckle plants from the nursery. These plants are specially selected for quick growth and vigor.

We are truly excited about what this kit will do for your deer management goals. Order your today!

Nutrition and Harvest Plots (Our many thanks to Ben for another great article.)

White-tailed deer have adapted through eons to survive under a broad range of conditions. In fact, they are probably the most widespread of all of the big game animals in North America. Because they have been around longer than any of us can remember, there is a tendency to think they can endure any conditions and produce with unwavering consistency. This is totally unrealistic. We have found to have continual success, the basics of providing the highest quality nutrition possible cannot be ignored. This means active input to mitigate natural deficiencies in plant growth.

Times certainly have changed. Twenty years ago you almost couldn’t give away deer feed or specialty seed mixtures to plant. Today, supplementally feeding deer probably is the most popular activity in the wildlife business outside of hunting itself. There is no way to estimate how many acres of food plots are being planted annually for deer. Yet, are they really accomplishing all that we intended? Basically, food plots should serve two primary functions: increase the nutritional level and improve harvest efficiency. Therefore, it seems logical to have two types of food plots.

To accomplish this you may need to adopt a more advanced strategy that considers both optimum nutrition and harvest. A very successful strategy is to designate food plots as either nutrition plots or harvest plots. Nutrition plots are planted primarily to legumes and other plants that produce most of their growth in spring and summer. On the other hand, harvest plots are planted primarily to cereal grains which are more attractive to deer in early fall during the hunting season.

The idea follows the principles used by fisheries biologist managing for trophy bass. The first job of the fisheries biologist is to “shorten the time between bites” so less energy and time is spent by the animal searching for food. The second job, to effectively remove fish from a pond, is to draw down the water to a smaller pool. Highly attractive harvest plots can effectively “draw down the pond” by concentrating deer activity in and around those plots. The less attractive nutrition plots are designed to benefit deer later in the year when new antler growth and fawn survival are the important issues.

Your approach to food plot hunting also may need to be changed to be the most effective. Too many hunters sit right on top of the plot under the presumption that’s where they will see the most deer. Yet, behavior studies have shown time and again that most of the deer using a plot go undetected. Why?

Keep in mind, whitetails are primarily nocturnal creatures. That means the vast majority of foraging occurs after dark. Whitetails generally follow the same basic behavioral pattern. They rise from their beds in mid- to late afternoon and move cautiously towards a feeding area while staying under cover. Arriving just before dark, they tend to mill about in the thicker cover (staging areas) until low light. The older bucks often don’t even arrive at the staging areas until dark. So, is it logical to assume you will encounter a wise old buck on an open food plot during legal shooting hours? No, the party is not even going to start out there until it is too late.

A better strategy is to position your stand along the trails leading to the plots, not on top of the plot itself. You’re hunting the food plot, but you may be several hundred yards away from it. All day hunting is usually the best. However, if you can’t be there all day, you should get into position as shortly after noon as possible and hunt until the end of legal shooting time. Also, work out the travel paths to and from your stands to minimize disturbing any deer.

Another distinct benefit to hunting away from a food plot is the deer do not associate “bad” things with the plot. Later in the year, this allows you to more easily observe your deer and get a better idea of the number of fawns recruited into the population and which bucks survived the season.

More and more folks are planting crops for deer and making their sport a year-round endeavor. Most landowners and hunters now realize there’s more to supplemental feeding of deer than just throwing some seed on the ground.

Ben H. Koerth
Institute for White-tailed Deer
Management and Research


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