Rack Buck Bits

Volume 1, Issue 2
February 1998


Welcome. Spring is just around the corner now. It’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do to improve your deer herd’s health for another year.

You have lots of things to think about as you begin to plan for another season: how harsh/easy the winter was on the food supply; how many additional deer do you expect to feed if those does come through the winter in great shape; how much money do you have to work with; and a whole host of other things.

As you plan your strategy, consider installing more systems. Our Complete System™ will perform magnificently and provide the deer with the nutrients and micronutrients they need at the time they need them. Once installed our systems only cost a few dollars per year to maintain.

Don’t forget to order more Super Juice™ as well. It will be time to juice systems before you know it. Order a little extra to play with on existing vegetation for your deer or even for those tomato plants in your garden. You will be amazed by what it will do.

It’s the beginning of the antler-dropping season. Be sure to look for those treasured sheds as you do late-season scouting.

We appreciate all the email we have been receiving. Keep it coming! We should have a web page up before too long also!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call. Don, Mike or Jeff will be glad to help you.

Say Cheese!

We are always looking for good still photos and video footage of deer (especially bucks) feeding on your systems. If you have any footage/photos that you think we might use, or questions please contact Mike at (217) 285-9700.

Who’s that on ESPN2 ?!?

Don’t forget to watch for us on Jimmy Houston’s Sportsman’s Digest, February 24, 1998 on ESPN2.

Check your local listing for channels and times.

Jimmy, along with Mike and Jeff, will be installing a new system on Mr. Houston’s ranch in Oklahoma. The show was taped in August of last year. Jimmy will be taping several shows over the coming months showing the growth progression of the Complete System™.

"Over the years, I have conducted research on just about every deer forage known to man! In spite of many claims, to date I have found no "magic bean" when it comes to feeding deer. However, if you make a list of all the attributes of the "perfect" deer forage --ease of establishment; cost-effective; grows year round; preferred by deer; drought and cold tolerant; etc. --honeysuckle comes up every time. In the past, though, establishment of honeysuckle on high deer density properties has been virtually impossible. The development of the Complete System™ has allowed landowners and hunting clubs to incorporate honeysuckle quickly and efficiently into their management program. I commend them on this innovative idea."

Dr. James C. Kroll, Institute for White-tailed Deer Management and Research

Your Deer Want More !!!

Your deer want you to install more Complete Systems™. Spring is an excellent time to order more systems from us. We are scheduling installations well into April now. So, make sure you give us a call as soon as possible. We are going to be traveling all over and will most likely be going right by your place sometime soon. Why not give us a call and have us stop by!?! (Listen to your deer!)

Time to Reorder Super Juice™!

That’s right! It’s time to check your inventory of Super Juice™. Place your order now, so that you get it in time for your first spring juicing. Your bucks have lost up to 25% of their body weight from rutting. Your systems need the added punch from the Super Juice™ so that they can provide those bucks with much needed protein. The quicker they get enough protein and nutrients to recover from the rut, the quicker they can apply the additional protein to their growing antlers. Your unborn fawns will thank you too, when their mothers are feeding on the nutrient-rich honeysuckle!

Re-order your Super Juice™ today and get ready to juice Systems!

25 lb bags: 1-4 bags $74.95 per bag

5-9 $64.95 per bag

10+ $49.95 per bag

Additional shipping charges may apply.

Time to Plan for Complete Feeding Systems

About every study done over the past ten years has shown that nutrition is the most important factor in growing trophy deer. Even if your buck/doe ratio is out of balance, you will still be able to harvest deer that will weigh over 225 pounds and have antlers that score over 170 points. The problem has never been whether it can be accomplished, the problem has been how to afford it.

A study done using 25 buck fawns collected throughout Alabama in 1989 shows just this: The fawns were fenced and fed a balanced pelletized feed. At age three, the average weight of the deer was 214 pounds. (The average Alabama deer weighs 65-70 lbs.) Four of these deer weighed over 235 pounds. Five of the bucks had massive antlers with an inside spread of more than 20 inches!

The problem was the cost of getting the deer to this size. This was in a fenced-in area where they didn't have to worry about the neighbor's deer eating this pelletized feed and then going back home. Since a deer will consume about five pounds of feed per 100 pounds of body weight daily, it would cost more than $1.00 a day per deer to feed your deer herd - $365.00 per year per deer. That's for your deer plus any other deer that has access to your property. If you are feeding ten deer, it would cost you over $3,600.00 to feed them for a year. If you have 100 deer, it will cost you over $36,000.00 to feed them for a year. As you can see, cost is a limiting factor. Other animals will also eat your feed and your deer will eat other vegetation which will affect growth and development.

With Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc., you can achieve those same goals at a cost of a few dollars per acre. You can begin with a small amount of systems and increase as you need to achieve healthier deer and better bucks.

Don’t wait another year! Give us a call and get started today!

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