Rack Buck Bits

Volume 1, Issue 4
April 1998

Spring is Here !!!

Welcome. After a surprise cold snap a few weeks ago across most of the country, spring seems to finally have arrived in full force. Most all plants are showing signs of life. In the south, food plots are being planted. In the north, its going to be a couple more weeks, but planting time is sneaking up quickly.

It is a great time to consider installing more systems. Our Complete System™ will provide the deer with the nutrients and micronutrients they need at the time they need them. Once installed our systems only cost a few dollars per year to maintain.

Don’t forget to order more Super Juice™ as well. You will be amazed by what it will do. Throw a little on part of your food plot too!

We appreciate all the e-mail we have been receiving. Keep it coming! We should have a web page up before too long also!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call. Don, Mike or Jeff will be glad to help you.

Save $500 !!!

You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic deal! For a limited time only, buy 20 systems or more installed and take $500 off the total retail price.

This is the best offer we have ever offered. Don’t wait!

Call today and order 20 systems or more installed. Offer ends June 30, 1998 and is good only on custom installed systems.

Hurry and call today!!!

More Systems ?!?

Spring is an excellent time to order more systems from us. We are scheduling installations well into May and June now. So, make sure you give us a call as soon as possible. We are going to be traveling all over and will most likely be going right by your place sometime soon. Why not give us a call and have us stop by!?! (Order 20 or more installed and save $500!)

"We have been impressed by the results from the Complete System™ and Super Juice.™ The Super Juice™ creates the high protein vegetation that attracts deer."

J.L. Pipkins

Master Rack Lodge, Union Springs, Alabama

Tip for more cheap deer food

When you are out applying Super Juice™ to natural vegetation, don’t forget to pull the vining plants down out of the trees so that the deer can reach it. Pull a greenbriar or honeysuckle vine down and lay it out. It will wrap around weeds and grass and vine out all over the place. The important thing is that your deer will be able to get to it all, and the Super Juice™ enhanced leaves will provide the deer with protein and micronutrients that they need!


Greenbriar is a very important native deer food. It is a perennial that grows on a thorny, woody vine. It is also sometimes called Smilax. There are several species occurring over most of the Eastern United States. Most species look very similar. A plant book or a local wildlife biologist can help you identify it on your property. The leaves are generally heart shaped or round and are very shiny with pointed tips.

You can plant greenbriar on your systems to provide a high-quality variety of deer food. Simply dig up an existing tuber or rhizome and replant it on your system. You should water it and baby it along until it gets a good start, even though it is quite hearty. Once it gets a hold on the Super Juice™ it will explode.

You will have to replant it yourself — there are no commercial sources available. Give it a try. Your deer will appreciate it!

(Check with local county agent before introducing any new plant to your land to make sure it is not considered undesirable.)

Developing a Successful Deer Management Program

Like most "magic potions," deer management quick fixes sound good, but rarely deliver the long-term results you are after. Here are a few basic steps to developing a successful deer management program:







If you want better quality deer, you can achieve it with proper planning and follow through. Don’t wait to get started. Give us a call. We will be glad to help.

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