Rack Buck Bits

Volume 3, Issue 2

May 2000


Welcome our newest addition!!!

Welcome. I hope you are experiencing some great spring weather where you are.

I want to welcome a terrific new addition to our Rack Buck Team — Craig Richards. Craig joins us from eastern Pennsylvania. He has guided hunters in many areas of North America for such species as bear, whitetail and waterfowl.

He’s also has a large background in the nursery and landscaping background. Deer and plants experience — what more could we ask for!!!

Craig is going to be our new national sales manager. He will be calling on current customers and recruiting new dealers and customers.

I’m sure he’ll be calling on you at some point in time. Please welcome him to our team. We are fortunate to have him, and are looking forward to great things!

We appreciate all the email we have been receiving. We are also thankful for all the kit orders we have gotten this spring.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call Don, Mike, Craig or myself. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jeff Griffeth


Reorder Super Juice™!

If you haven’t already done so, please check your inventory of Super Juice™. Your systems need the added punch from the Super Juice™ so that they can provide the bucks with much needed protein. The quicker they get enough protein and nutrients to recover from the winter, the quicker they can apply the additional protein to their growing antlers. Your unborn fawns will thank you too, when their mothers are feeding on the nutrient-rich honeysuckle!


Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show

The show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the World’s Largest Outdoor Show was very successful as always. It was great to visit with many of you there. There was a tremendous interest in our mail order kits. If you haven’t purchased yours yet, please check out the segment below. It’s the perfect time to be installing the systems and planting honeysuckle.

“Just wanted to drop you a thank you for the documentation that you ship with your system kits. It makes it real easy to install in the correct order…..the plants that I received were very healthy, dark green, and much larger than what I had expected. Each plant was around 3 inches tall with at least 10 good leaves per plant. Excellent looking stock. Last year I tried planting honeysuckle in a homemade protected cage (before I heard about your system kit), and the 4 trays of plants that I got from another nursery were nowhere near as large or well developed as the plants that your nursery sent me. The plants came packed in a small cardboard box with enough shredded paper packing the plants that not much of the potting material was knocked loose during shipping. Even given the rigors of shipping, none of the plants lost more than two leaves during shipping and none of the main stems were broken. It all worked out excellent.”

Jeremy Pruett

Lufkin, Texas

New ways to order

Ordering your patented Complete System kit couldn‘t be easier! We have many new ways to order and pay for everything you need. Our web page has been updated with more information on our kits and other products we currently offer. Please check it out at:


We offer several ways to order your kit: you can print out an order form and mail it to us with a check or money order or fax it to (217) 285-9700 with your credit card number, or simply order on-line. We offer secure ordering right on our web page using your Mastercard, VISA or Discover cards. Or, simply call us and we’d be happy to take your order.

The kits will come directly to your door, via UPS, ready to install. All the ingredients are numbered for trouble-free installation. There is also a short instructional video available that shows you how to install a kit and tips for making it grow quickly and become a protein-producing machine!

When the kit arrives, it will contain a pre-addressed postcard for obtaining plants free of charge. The plants will be shipped directly from the nursery when you are ready for them. So, even if you can’t get your system installed for a few days, you won’t have to worry about keeping plants alive. Install the system, water the system, and have the plants delivered later. You can then plant the young honeysuckle and you are ready to go!

Make sure you order several kits. The kits are 10’ long. You can install them individually or hook two together. Each kit will include the postcard that will get you six honeysuckle plants from the nursery. These plants are specially selected for quick growth and vigor.

We are truly excited about what this kit will do for your deer management goals. Order your today!


System Juicing Instructions

Looking for instructions on how to juice your system? Maybe just need a little refresher? Well, to make it as convenient as possible, we now have them available on the Internet. If you have a 20’ system or a 10’ kit, links to instructions can be found at:


If you don’t have Internet access with a printer, please give us a call. We can either fax or mail you a copy.


New Rack Buck Mineral

Most minerals on the market today are mixed primarily with ingredients to attract deer. That’s why we decided to create a mineral that still attracts, but more importantly, provides the deer with the minerals it needs to enhance antler and body growth.

Our mineral is formulated to supplement the diet.

Rack Buck Mineral has attractrants as well, but instead of being loaded down with unnecessary ingredients that don't benefit the deer's diet, it's packed with vitamins and minerals that deer need and crave! It’s formulated to promote and stimulate antler growth. Plus it attracts and holds deer to your area.

Works perfectly with our Complete Systems.

Our mineral is packaged in 5 and 10 lb. packages, with larger quantities available upon request. Prices are:

5 lb. — $4.95 (plus $6.95 S & H)

10 lb. — $9.95 (plus $7.95 S & H)

Order on-line or give us a call.

The Whitetail Insider

Looking for excellent information and the latest research on whitetails? Check out the Whitetail Insider at:


The site offers an annual subscription to 6 newsletters that contain information that has you watering at the mouth for more. It is absolutely the most informative site I have ever visited — honestly! The newsletter and site is put together by Dr. James C. Kroll. Arguably the best known and most knowledgeable whitetail authority in the world, Dr. Kroll has spent the last thirty years studying, managing and hunting these elusive creatures. That’s why he’s known as “Dr. Deer” throughout the world.

Check out his website out and sign up for his newsletter. We are positive you’ll be glad you did!


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