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20' Reservoir System - Feeding Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc. Complete System™. This system, with a little patience and persistence, will help you with your goal of attracting, holding and growing big-bodied, trophy deer.

Maintenance of the system is simple. You will need to "juice" the system about every 60 days. All you have to do is add a two-pound bag of Super Juice™ granules (4 - eight oz. cups) to a 55-gallon drum and fill with water. Using a 25' section of garden hose, you can syphon the water right into the trench. To start feeding your system, take some of the Super Juice™-water mixture and sprinkle it directly on the leaves of the plants. The plants will absorb the nutrients right through the leaf surface.

Carefully remove the cap from the upright pipe. Be careful you don’t pull the pipe out of the drain system. If you pull the pipe out a little, push it back down and run a rod in it to clean any debris out. Insert the garden hose all the way down into the 55-gallon drum; wait a few seconds for it to fill with water; hold your thumb over the end of the hose; pull the hose out until you are below the bottom of the drum and release your thumb. You will have it flowing. Put the end of the hose over the pipe. Don't worry if it leaks. The important thing is that you are filling the trench. It should only take 15 minutes to empty the 55 gallons. Refill the drum with water and continue adding water until it won’t take anymore. We recommend at least 100 gallons per 20' system per "juicing." It may take as much as 200 gallons. (Note: You can use any size tank you want. We use a 55 gallon drum as a standard example. If you use a small pump to force the water, make sure not to use more than 10 psi of pressure.) When the system is full, water will run out of a low spot at ground level. Be sure to replace the cap on the fill pipe or the system will dry out.

If you live in a very dry area or you experience a drought, you should water your system in between services. Do everything you would normally do, except don’t put any Super Juice™ in the water. This will keep the system moist and productive.

You should also put plenty of water around each of the plants. Simply take the hose off the pipe while it is still running and water the plants. It doesn't hurt to thoroughly wet the entire top of the system with part of the water. Return the hose to the reservoir pipe and continue filling.

If you have experienced very wet conditions, and the system will probably not hold 55 gallons of water, mix the Super Juice™ in a five gallon bucket of water. Pour this mixture in the upright pipe, then add water until the system will hold no more.

While you are feeding the system, take the cage off the system and pull any weeds or grasses that are competing with the honeysuckle. This is very important the first year, in order to give the honeysuckle the best chance possible. Start as many new plants as possible by pulling the runners back on the system and placing a handful of soil on the leaf joints of the red runners or woody-stem runners. DO NOT put soil on the green runners, or it will kill the runner back to the main plant. The idea is to get as many root systems started the first year. The more started the first year, the greater volume of high protein deer food you will get in a short amount of time.

Do not be concerned if one or two plants die the first year. As with any transplanted plants in a new environment, there will be ones that do not survive. That is why we provide the system with plenty of plants to begin with. The system only needs two to four plants with proper maintenance.

After the first year of getting the root systems started and the competitive weeds kept out, the runners will start covering the cage. When the system is to this point, do not remove the cage anymore. Simply feed the system.

If you have any questions, please call us. We will be glad to offer assistance.

WARNING: Treat Super Juice as you would any fertilizer. Please:


This product contains Boron and Molybdenum. Crops sensitive to either or both may be harmed. Plants that contain excess Molybdenum are toxic to some ruminant livestock.

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