If you are serious about deer management...  Why not try the only thing that provides the buck with everything he needs during the growing season.
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Reservoir Honeysuckle System

This Unique Patented System:

Takes care of soil problems and lack of rainfall
Works during the crucial antler growing season
Provides high protein, spring-like growth all season long
Stays green into winter
Attracts deer from neighboring properties
Legal to hunt over in most states
Inexpensive, long term program that really works
Cost less than $20 per year to feed after installation.

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  • Basically, we begin with a trench and create a perfect soil environment within that trench.

  • We provide a method for watering and feeding the system every 30-60 days through a PVC feeding tube -- directly feeding the roots!

  • This allows the natural vegetation on the system to obtain the micronutrients & protein levels the deer needs to grow big antlers & big bodies.

One of the most important factor in growing trophy antlers is to provide the buck with nutrient-rich food during the antler-growth period from April through October.

Micronutrient Treatment for Plants

Selected & mixed to allow the natural vegetation to extract & store the nutrients needed to grow big bodies & antlers

Super Juice™

Our feeding systems will produce a protein-rich food that has all of the needed nutrients, and produces its own feed. You don’t have to buy feed for it! Best of all, in most states you can legally hunt over our feeding systems. And, it will attract deer from neighboring properties like nothing you've ever seen before!


Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc. "...now offers a service of establishing caged plantings of honeysuckle and intends to provide a kit for those who want to 'do it themselves.'  Our research has shown both yields and quality are very good for these plantings.  Honeysuckle stands up well to drought and heavy browsing, and probably comes closest to any of the native or naturalized species to meeting all the criteria for the 'perfect' deer forage in the South."

Food Plots & Supplemental Feeding, Ben H. Koerth
and Dr. James C. Kroll
Institute for White-tailed Deer Management and Research

Rack Buck Deer Management was started in 1981 with one goal in mind: to grow larger, healthier deer with bigger racks. This goal was achieved with the Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc. Complete System™.

Growing trophy deer doesn't happen overnight:
however, with a little patience, we are sure you
will be pleased with the success you will you will achieve
from the "Complete System."


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